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While I can appreciate challenge for a large corporation in dealing with 10,000s of suppliers, there is something wrong here. Certainly, I may have been more enthusiastic about this kind of so-called AI when I was younger, but even then I could see the pitfall. By the way, what passes for AI in modern times is not "intelligence", but rather "Algorithmic Science" and what you describe here is really just search optimisation.

I started work in an engineering field when my employer was in the process of outsourcing its manufacturing and assembly. What would be left, I reasoned, would be design offices and management. But I guessed then it need not stop there. Indeed, later, the design and project management were outsourced as well. So what is left? Only the "business management"?

So now, negation can be outsourced to large “NaaS” providers? Presumably, the smaller vendors will be able to hand over their negations also at a later date. Great! No choices to be made any more, instead machines just select from a potentially large but ultimately finite set of pre-encoded possibilities. All very efficient.

Back in the 80s, I was writing chatbots for fun, but naively thought they represented something more than they were. So not sure I would concur now with the narrative being pushed by pro-industry experts that people love engaging with chatbots. Personally I find it a very diss-empowering experience.

Perhaps the automation of everything will leave human beings free to sign up for SMAAS, or Social Media as a Service. That way a robot can take over our social media profiles, which will talk with all other social media robots out there, leaving people able to start talking with each again.

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